Synchronization Of Contacts From Mac To Iphone Via Cloud

ICloud is one of the fastest ways to synchronize your photos without connecting your devices with a cable. The main benefits of Apple’s cloud storage are the easy-to-navigate interface and file sorting. This makes navigating the storage significantly easier. Image Capture is a utility that comes by default on macOS. It’s useful when you need to access photos, but your Mac does not recognize the device you’re trying to connect. If your devices are synced through iCloud, deleting a picture from your library on any one of them will also remove it from the others.

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  • AirDrop allows users to share photos, documents, and other files between Apple devices that are in close proximity to each other.

If you want to send files to the Mac, which was built before 2012, then you need to follow some extra steps to connect using old AirDrop protocol. Enable AirDropAfter the settings change, try transferring files via Airdrop to check if it functions well. AirDrop permits multiple file-sharing at once, but it does not allow different types of files to be shared in one go. If AirDrop notifies you with “Cannot receive all of these items at the same time”, then it means you are trying to transfer different types of files. However, you may not receive the file if your Mac enters sleep mode.

How To Airdrop From Mac To Iphone

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How To Remove Accent From Text?

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